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RoseAnn Alspektor, President, CEO, The VALIS Group, Inc.

Welcome to my new blog!I am creating this blog to start sharing the business development lessons I have learned working with federal and local government, within corporations, and as an entrepreneur. Do you wish you could afford powerful PR? NOW YOU CAN! I am competitive and will help you gain recognition, as your Virtual PR Professional, from an entrepreneurial point of view.  I LOVE writing custom press releases then building and distributing to a customized targeted media list. So contact me if you would like to explore having this support for your business.

Please note: My company, The VALIS Group, Inc., a California corporation founded in 1991, is not affiliated with or connected to:

  1. VALIS Group

    VALIS Group Inc. (International). Corporate Information Site. Turks & Caicos Islands · USA CANADA.
  2. VALIS Group Inc. (USA)

    VALIS Group Inc. a Delaware Corporation since 1997.

  3. Welcome to VALIS International

A little about my business background: RoseAnn is a business development professional with 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in hi-tech online, imaging/ animation hardware/ software product management, marketing/ communications, operations and strategic planning. Her career includes participating in building the first intra-preneuring spin-off venture within Bell Labs, the AT&T Epicenter (Truevision); co-founding a spin-off of Pixar as President/CEO of The VALIS Group, Inc. and managing an award-winning 2D/ 3D graphics/animation international software publishing company and the multi-million dollar sale of proprietary technology to Adobe Systems. RoseAnn managed Business Operations for (sponsored by Seiko/Epson) to produce online educational photo-documentaries of expeditions by famous wilderness photographers whose commitment to conservation have inspired the protection of special wilderness areas and threatened species. RoseAnn has developed and managed the economically successful tourism marketing program for Island County, Washington from 2005-2010. RoseAnn is also a Biz/Dev Online Consultant for Transitioning to Green.

Content Management Systems (CMS)Consulting: Cost-saving tip:If you are developing a new or upgrading an existing website, there is a lot you need to know about what features you will need in the back-end content management system to  update your website’s content after it goes live. It’s critical to identify and include these editing features as you are building or upgrading your website since they are inextricably tied into each part of the site. Adding major editing features later is quite costly. Contact me with your questions about what else you should know at

Tourism Marketing Consulting: Guerrilla marketing tip: Take advantage of online calendars on websites that attract your target audience. They are FREE and are always looking for appropriate events and announcements. Yes it’s time-consuming but it’s free PR! Contact me with your questions about what else you should know at

Are you seeking help with Tourism Itinerary Development for individuals or groups; need a Step on Tour Guide or Fact Checking and Research Assistance for Writers? Contact me with your questions about how I may help at or call me at 1(360) 929.6871.

RoseAnn Alspektor, Pres., CEO, Computer Geek
The VALIS Group, Inc.
P.O.Box 189
Clinton, WA 98236
Tel: (360) 929.6871
Fax: (360) 341.4487 call prior to faxing.

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