Memory Lane: Peak into VALIS GROUP’s history managing operations for One World Journeys

In 2000 Digital Photography guru and author, Russell Sparkman, CEO, Founder of FusionSpark Media, raised funding from client Seiko-Epson Corporation to launch an environmental expedition journey and website to follow world renown nature photographers to tell their story

One World Journeys Expeditions

Russell and his family were living in Japan and needed a USA base to implement and manage the project. Russell included a positive review of the VALIS GROUP’s Metaflo’ software in his book ‘The Essentials of Digital Photography” and contacted RoseAnn Alspektor for business consulting advice.for how to locate in the USA.

RoseAnn suggested locating on beautiful Whidbey Island to ‘walk the talk” which led to the headquarters for startup One World Journeys operating out of the VALIS GROUP’s Clinton headquarters

Check out this fabulous website documenting six amazing environmental expeditions and award-winning stories still relevant today:

Today Entrepreneur and educator, Russell’s FusionSpark Media company offers cutting edge services

About Fusionspark Media

Founded in 1999, Fusionspark Media is a New Media communications company based in Langley, WA, 25 miles north of Seattle, with offices in Medford, NJ, and Nagoya, Japan.

Why Story and Quality Content Matters

Since 1999 we have been steadfast advocates of the power of storytelling and quality content on the internet to inspire and inform audiences, and to influence action.

We have believed, long before other marketing and public relations firms jumped on the content bandwagon, that web-based storytelling can provide the emotional pull of traditional media. And long before media was “social” we were enthusiastic proponents of using content and storytelling as the basis for building relationships and community engagement.

We continue in our work because we believe in the power of the individual company, non-profit or government agency to make a difference or to attain their goals through compelling storytelling and quality content that is resourceful, educational and entertaining.

New Media Crafts That We Excel In:

Fundamentally, we provide the following:

  • Visual Storytelling (Photo, Video)
  • Content Strategy for Marketing, PR, Social Media
  • Web Content Creation(Text, Photo, Video, Audio)
  • Web Design & Development
  • Application Design & Development (Mobile)
  • Custom Publishing (Print, Magalogs, eNewsletters)
  • Branding & Identity Development

In contemporary New Media terms du jour, what we offer falls under the following categories:

  • Content Marketing and Public Relations
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Custom Publishing
  • Branded Content
  • Social Media

We are uniquely qualified in the following subject areas:

  • Online storytelling that engages B2C, B2B, non-profit and government agency audiences
  • Environmental Education, Awareness and Advocacy Initiatives
  • Health Education, Awareness and Advocacy Initiatives
  • Branded Media & Cause-related Marketing Initiatives
  • Original Web Documentaries In Support of Cause-related Marketing Initiatives

iconLearn more about our Services.

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  1. Alberta says:

    its great stuff. thanks for sharing…waiting for your next update.

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