Message to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and bloggers:

I just read this great article and after reading the manifesto Rule #1, I felt it important to point out as a newbie to blogging, that the reason my previous blog posts share a lot of information about my background is to establish that, as an entrepreneur, I’ve been there done that. As a veteran problem solver, I invite you to ask me for feedback and creative ideas about strategies and tactics you might employ to overcome the business, marketing and PR challenges you are facing.

So, if you plan to or are currently blogging, here is a reasonable guide for all of us to consider:

A Manifesto for Blogging by Chris Street

RoseAnn Alspektor
Green Public Relations & Online Communications Specialist
The VALIS Group, CEO
Transitioning to Green LLC and Foundation, Associate
P.O. Box 189
Clinton, WA 98236
Mobile: 360.929.6871

RoseAnn Alspektor,  Co-author with Jeana Wirtenberg, Ph.D. “PR Can-and Should-Help Companies Transition to Green“, PR News’ Guide to Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility, Volume 4, 2010, published by PR News Press,

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2 Responses to Message to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and bloggers:

  1. specialadi says:

    I would like to start a column with you in my Precious Stones magazine for some of the readers that you might not reach perhaps together we can reach a lot my thinking is if its no jobs, everything being shipped over seas if the president can get the right people to agree with him on some of his issues to rebuild this country we can start by sending a copy of the magazine with every ones innovated ideals, we don’t need the 1% we will become them by using our knowledge to grow this country I don’t care if you’re not a fan of the President I think He’s due a second term without all the I’m gonna get you sucker not working with him. Anyway heres the link PLEASE READ AND LEAVE A COMMENT FOR ME

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