Daring to do mathematics by The Open University

Hi, I thought we all might enjoy this free course and share it with colleagues and younger learners. RoseAnn

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Course Description:  How do you feel about mathematics?

Love or hate it? Intrigued by it? Scared of it?

You certainly won’t be bored by it in this pathway: requiring no previous knowledge of maths, this is a beginner’s guide with hidden challenges for the more advanced. It shows mathematics is used to answer life’s trickier problems, from what time of day it is to how to save the planet.

Start by assessing your own experience of maths; even if you hated in school, chances are you’re using it every day and already know more about it than you think!

If that’s not enough to fire you up, take an inspiring journey into the amazing history of mathematics, from the Babylonian number system that lasted for 4,000 years, via the Greeks to the Islamic golden age and the Incas. Then explore how the computer – the electronic ancestor of Charles Babbage’s 19th Century mechanical ‘difference engine’ – is enabling maths to help save the planet.

Then meet Nemesis; a machine in which maths meets psychology.


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