Cybrsecurity: Guard Against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Desirable flow of system threat protection against APTs

Desirable flow of system threat protection against APTs

Advanced Persistent Threats or APTs are complicated, costly, highly coordinated malware attacks capable of getting by today’s signature based defenses. Determined cyber-criminals launch targeted, zero-day and drive-by-download attacks that can extract proprietary corporate data in a matter of moments without proper protection and security
posture. These sophisticated malware attacks can be extremely damaging, often leading to dramatic financial and reputation loss, increased costs, unrelenting regulatory compliance audits and negative exposure that business clients and organizations find tough to tolerate.
Advanced Persistent Threats easily circumvent signature-based platforms and often get by first-generation APT sandboxes, next-generation firewalls and anti-virus gateway add-ons.

Best-of-breed products have a defense system that delivers Next Generation Advance Persistent Threat Defense to protect your critical assets where legacy technologies fail.

APTs often target a particular entity and have a specific mission to accomplish; usually military, political, technical, or economic. APTs perpetrators are willing to invest time and money into achieving their specific objectives. Their persistent attacks may unfold in multiple stages.

Several security products offer trial versions so you may find out what malware is on your network in a matter of minutes with a free 30-day trial!

Only a few companies lead in offering advanced malware protection. Their products detect zero-day exploits, targeted attacks, drive-by-downloads and host of other dangerous advanced malware which routinely bypass traditional signature based controls and first generation “APT platforms”.

An organization’s most advanced defenses – next generation firewalls, next generation IPS, and heuristic based security solutions – are no match for the polymorphic attacks being deployed today. Get protected. Track, research and compare information about the malware that security products miss.

Future Newsletters will provide authoritative insight about the malware theater and recommended best practices. If you need more information right away, email me at

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